About This Blog

The Newton Booth Neighborhood Blog has been created under the leadership of the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association, which covers the Poverty Ridge, Newton Booth, and Alhambra Triangle neighborhoods in Sacramento, California.  The boundaries of the Association are:  19th Street on the west side; R Street to the north; 34th Street to the east; and Highway 50 on the south side.

The purpose of this neighborhood blog is to help foster a sense of community by spreading information about neighborhood events (and events of interest in the larger Sacramento community), neighborhood issues, and other general information about the neighborhood.  We welcome your comments and suggestions as to what you’d like to see in this blog, as this is for you, our neighbors.

The blogger, Dairl Helmer, is a records clerk for a Sacramento law firm by day; a sometime writer and publisher of the local news and entertainment  ‘zine Broccoli, Cheese & Crackers; and a resident of Sacramento since 2000 (and of this neighborhood since 2003).  He is also currently a member of the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association Board.


4 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. Alice Levine Says:

    REEFER MADNESS! GO SEE IT! Newton Booth Neighborhood has it all. Last night we walked to Ju Hachi (17 and S) for dinner, then to the theater at 25th and R for Reefer Madness!, the latest offering from Artistic Differences. This musical spoof on the 1930’s instructive film on the dangers of marijuana was hilarious. The cast was great as were the band and the set. We are so lucky to have this right down the street. Be there or be square!

    Shows Fridays and Saturdays at 8, Sundays at 7 through May 2. Tickets $17 to $20.

    • dhelmer87 Says:

      Alice–Thanks for the recommendation! It’s nice that we have so much here, in and around our neighborhood, isn’t it? –D.

  2. Victor Vasquez Says:

    Did the Sac Country Day School plans to move to Newton Booth get cancelled or is it moving forward? Any updates?

    • dhelmer87 Says:


      Sorry it has taken me such a long time to reply to your question. It looks as though the Sacramento Country Day School’s attempt to open a new campus at the Newton Booth School, unfortunately fell through some time ago. While I do not know all the details, according to my limited understanding of the situation the Day School was unable to raise enough money to refurbish the Newton Booth School and accomplish the opening of the second campus.

      If anyone reading this has more knowledge of what happened, or whether there are any new plans in the works for the Newton Booth School, please feel free to comment here, or share the information with us at the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association’s new website: http://www.newtonbooth.org/

      Thanks for asking, Victor…and again, my sincere apologies for the long delay.

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