NBNA Has A New Website!


Dear Neighbors,

I’m happy to share with all of you some good news.  After much effort and more than a few struggles, the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association earlier this year opened its new official website:  www.newtonbooth.org.

At the new website, you can find out about the latest upcoming events and special events; find the date and time of the next NBNA Board meeting; find restaurants, schools, grocery stores, and much more in the Poverty Ridge/Newton Booth/Alhambra Triangle neighborhoods; read short pieces (a few of them even written by this blogger!) about interesting places and things right here in your neighborhood; find helpful links and community resources; check out a map of the neighborhood; comment on neighborhood issues at the Forums page; browse our neighborhood photo library; and more.

This beautiful and multi-faceted new website would have been impossible without the technological wizardry of our new Board member, Linda Sabella, for which she deserves our undying thanks!  Former NBNA President Bill Robertson also contributed a considerable amount of time and energy to help create the look and design of the website; and other members of the NBNA board have also made important contributions, ideas and suggestions toward the success of the website.  It has become a collaborative effort…and a highly important one, in this day and age of computers connecting people.

With that, I also have some bittersweet news:  Since many of functions of this NBNA Blog are being transferred over to the new NBNA website, we will be effectively winding down the NBNA Blog for the time being.  While I may occasionally still put up items from time to time, from now on the new NBNA website will be the place-to-go for news, upcoming events, forums and comments, and connecting to neighborhood and community resources.

I started the NBNA Blog in the summer of 2009 with high hopes for a “fun” way to contribute stories and connect with neighbors.  Unfortunately, the pressure to continually update the blog myself, and to keep up with the many interesting events and issues in the neighborhood, became too much for one person to do.  I’m hopeful that, when I was at least able to actively keep it updated, this blog was able to help you see a little bit of your neighborhood in a new light, and was able to create just a tiny few of those fragile bonds of community, that sometimes seem so lacking these days – particularly due to the economic difficulties and political bickering of these times.

Having said that, we at the NBNA Board cordially invite you, the neighbors, to our new online home.  And please, as always, stay involved in the issues you care about, right here in our neighborhood – and stay connected to the people who share this little corner of Sacramento, that we call home.


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