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Newton’s Night Out – Coming Up November 10

October 30, 2011

A special neighborhood event will be coming up on Thursday, November 10 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.  Newton’s Night Out will be a chance for neighbors in the Poverty Ridge, Newton Booth and Alhambra Triangle neighborhoods to come out and enjoy wine, refreshments and friendly conversation at Revolution Wines, located at 2831 S Street (at the corner of 29th and S) in Midtown Sacramento.

In addition to being a chance for neighbors to meet and enjoy wine and refreshments, the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association will also be presenting the new Growing Together Award to Mike McKeever, Chief Executive Officer of SACOG (Sacramento Area Council of Governments), for his work in mediating a dispute over a proposed development in our neighborhood earlier this year.  Come on out and enjoy a neighborhood night out!


Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2011

We at the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association would like to wish all of you a happy and safe Halloween!

Putting the Brakes on Passive Bulldozing

October 19, 2011

As the NBNA continues to work cooperatively with those responsible developers doing important infill on legitimately vacant lots, other less responsible, absentee landlords who purchase historic houses and allow them to crumble to the ground in order to create new vacant lots for development represent an increasing problem in our area.

We recently supported an NBNA member’s ongoing efforts to get city action on one such absentee landlord, whose property at 1811 26th Street was vacant, hazardous and garbage-filled. The City’s efforts to enforce property code violations extended over two years and seemed mostly to have involved failed efforts to communicate with the property’s owner, who is ambiguously–and one might suggest contemptably–listed as “Joe Jones Properties.”

The clock was ticking, the fines were adding up, and the property was continuing to decay in what can only be described as “passive bulldozing.”

After taking some digital photos of the property, the NBNA went online and filed a complaint with Sacramento Code Enforcement in support of the NBNA member, including the photos which spoke volumes. For good measure we sent a duplicate email to Sacramento 911.  A few weeks later, we went and checked out the property again.  The house was still abandoned,  but the yard was cleared of garbage, and that felt good.

It’s no secret that these days the City of Sacramento has limited resources to address many of the problems it faces–and that includes code enforcement. Which is why it’s important to help the process by utilizing the City’s online infrastructure. Registering a concern about a delinquent property, illegal dumping, overgrown weeds or graffiti is easy thanks to Sacramento Code Enforcement’s online complaint forms. If you’ve got a digital camera, you can even attach a photo of what concerns you, like we did, and help the City do its job.

Passive bulldozing is still a problem.  But we can’t put the brakes on it if we don’t push the pedal.  The more people who participate in government, the more effectively government works.  It’s that simple.

Before & after. The garbage-filled backyard of an abandoned house gets cleaned up with a little help from the NBNA.

Here’s the City’s URL for filing code enforcement complaints: