City Planning Commission to Discuss Proposed 24th and T Street Development


Months after the property on the northwest corner of 24th and T Streets (shown above) was cleared and a house on the lot taken down, the proposed development for the site will shortly be reaching the City Planning Commission.  On Thursday, March 10 at 5:30 p.m., the Planning Commission will be holding a hearing on the proposed 24th and T development in the New City Hall, 915 I Street (1st floor).

This proposed development has attracted a great deal of attention and debate within the neighborhood.  A group of neighbors has organized against the planned 6-unit condo building, arguing that (1) the large size of the building is out of proportion to the surrounding neighborhood; (2) the density of the development is too high, considering the large number of multi-unit apartment buildings already in the near vicinity; and (3) the design of the building is too “modern” in contrast to the immediate area, which has many historic older homes and bungalows.

Arguments and counter-arguments have been made over the past few months, and this is clearly an issue on which many neighbors have strong,  passionate feelings.  Thursday night’s meeting at the Planning Commission will therefore be of great importance to many people in our neighborhood.  For more information about attending the meeting, please call City Hall at (916) 264-5011.


One Response to “City Planning Commission to Discuss Proposed 24th and T Street Development”

  1. Bill R Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Update: after a marathon night before the Planning Commission board, the Commission decided to give the developer and neighborhood representatives two more weeks to further pursue earnest mediated negotiations over the mass and scale of the project. It is unclear what the board expects to be accomplished in two weeks’ time, who should act as mediator (the ZA staffers declined) or whether after 6 months of contentious posturing, involved parties can set aside personal differences and work productively, let alone speedily. Representatives are already at work answering these questions.

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