Community Conversations Returns Oct. 21


A bold new experiment in bringing together citizens to discuss issues of importance to them, is returning to Sacramento this Thursday night.  Community Conversations, a project co-sponsored by the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, Capital Public Radio, and the Sacramento Bee, will be holding a citywide discussion in a number of locations in Sacramento on Thursday, October 21 at 6:00 p.m.  The topic up for discussion is:  “Do you feel safe in your own neighborhood?”

The discussions are divided into Sacramento’s City Council districts.  Since the Poverty Ridge/Newton Booth/Alhambra Triangle falls into City Council District 4 (which also includes Land Park), the Community Conversations discussion for District 4 will be held at Espresso Metro, 2104 11th Avenue (by 11th and Freeport Avenues, just north of Sacramento City College).  Or, another discussion being held nearby will be at the Old Soul Co. coffeehouse at 3434 Broadway in Oak Park (City Council District 5).  A full list of the discussion locations can be found here.

Before attending, please have a look at the Guidelines for Civil Discourse that have been developed for the discussion.  They are intended to foster mutual respect, listening and learning, and limiting excessive political partisanship – qualities of civic discussion that often seem to have been lost in our society in recent years.

For more information, please contact the Sacramento Region Community Foundation at (916) 921-7723.

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