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To briefly update my previous post:  As of September 24, the Blogger’s day job came to an end.  Frankly, I’m relieved the drama at work is over.  I don’t usually post a lot of personal information on this blog; but I wanted you all to know why the past couple of months or so have had so few postings.  It’s been an emotionally and physically draining few months; but that’s all over with now.

Again, my apologies for the long delay.  Now that I have more time, I hope to be able to post information about our neighborhoods on a more regular basis.

Now that that’s out of the way…I want to go back and re-introduce all of us to the neighborhoods that are covered by the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association:  Poverty Ridge, Newton Booth, and Alhambra Triangle, which are all located in the central part of Sacramento, California.

Here is the entire area of the three neighborhoods (outlined in purple):

The area covered by the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association.

The area is bounded by: 19th Street to the west; R Street to the north; W Street and Highway 50 to the south; and 34th Street to the east.  (Actually, technically the area extends to 37th Street; but beyond 34th Street there are mostly industrial facilities, and beyond Stockton Boulevard not much besides on- and off-ramps to the freeway.)

Here’s a closer look at Poverty Ridge:

Along 19th and 20th Streets there are a variety of buildings including light commercial, some light industrial, a restaurant, a government building, and a church; the area is bisected by the light rail and Union Pacific railroad tracks.  Beyond 20th Street there are more residential homes, with a few other businesses; and from 21st to 24th Streets, the area is mostly residential, with some quite elegant Victorian and other fine houses.  Poverty Ridge also contains the Ella K. McClatchy Library, on 22nd Street between U and V Streets.

From 24th to 29th Streets, between R and W Streets, is the Newton Booth neighborhood:

The Newton Booth neighborhood has some light industrial and light commercial uses along R Street near the light rail tracks; but south of that, the neighborhood is mainly residential.  On the block between 26th and 27th Streets, between V and W Streets, is a building (built in the 1920s) that formerly housed the Newton Booth School, which gives the neighborhood its name.  The area around 29th and S Streets is starting to see new life, as Temple coffeehouse and Revolution Wines have recently moved into the neighborhood; and other small businesses dot the area along 29th Street south of S Street.

Finally, beyond 29th Street and the freeway is the Alhambra Triangle neighborhood:

(By the way, I must point out one slight inaccuracy I did not have time to correct here:  Highway 50 actually curves northward at a somewhat sharper angle than shown here; thus Alhambra Boulevard meets W Street slightly south of the overpass over the freeway.  My apologies.)

The Alhambra Triangle has a variety of residential, government, and commercial uses in its boundaries.  One of the businesses in the area is the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, a member-owned cooperative grocery store located at Alhambra and S Street, which offers classes and other special events (some of which I hope to be announcing here, as they may be of interest to residents of the neighborhood).

That’s enough for now.  I’ll be posting more soon, including news about a very exciting neighborhood event coming up in October–so please check back again soon!  Thanks.


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