The Blogger Is Back from Taking a Break


Dear friends & neighbors,

If any of you have tried to follow the Newton Booth Neighborhood Blog this summer, you’ve likely noticed that not much has been posted lately.  In fact, until now I haven’t posted anything since July 12.  So you’re probably wondering what’s going on.

What happened is that an unfortunate reality came up in the Blogger’s life this summer.  I found out that this fall, I may be without a job.

Basically, the law firm where I work announced to us in late June that it was going out of business by Labor Day weekend.  Shortly after that, I had a couple of possible prospects for follow-up jobs; but when those fell through, I went through some stressful days, trying to accept what had happened, and to think about what to do next.

Unfortunately, my writing of this blog fell by the wayside for a while.  For that, I apologize; but as we all know, taking care of personal business has to come first.

However, it’s time for me to start this blog up again.  Although times are hard and funds are limited, I am feeling much better now, and writing a blog about my neighborhood is a healthy outlet for my creativity.  Hopefully, too, the blog will also continue to be of interest to all of you!

I don’t have any upcoming events, stories, or items of interest to report at the moment – but I’m working on finding some to share.  Please check back again here soon.  And in the meantime, enjoy the little foretaste of fall weather we’ve been having…

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