Come to U Street’s Annual 4th of July Block Party!


Grilling meat at the U Street 4th of July Block Party (2009)

It’s time once again…time for outdoor grilling.  Time for hanging out in the street…and meeting your neighbors.  Time for music, drinks, food, and fun.  It’s time for sparklers, cracklers, screamers…fireworks.

It’s the Fourth of July, folks!  And in our neighborhood, U Street between 25th and 26th Streets is the place.  It’s our annual Block Party.

Local musicians provide front-porch live music entertainment (2009)

The party starts Sunday, July 4, at 6:00 p.m., and doesn’t stop until it gets dark.

Food & drink:  Starts at 6:00.  Grills and serving tables will be provided (but please bring something to cover your food!).  Please bring chairs, meat to grill, or other food or drinks (no glass, please) to serve.  Feel free to bring your family…the street will be blocked off, so there’s plenty of space for the young’uns to run around.

Neighbors enjoy some fun with sparklers (2009)

Fireworks:  You’re welcome to bring them if you choose–we start setting them off at dusk.  Please don’t bring the illegal kind, though (you know, the ones that shoot up in the air)…we don’t want to have any unwanted fires or worse.  Thanks.  (Also, grownups–please make sure your kids are safe around the fireworks…)

That’s about it.  Come on out and enjoy the 4th of July fun!


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