Midtown Bookstore Begins Sac. Living Library Series Sunday Night


On Sunday, January 17 at 7 p.m., Time Tested Books (located at 1114 21st Street in Midtown Sacramento) will host the first in a series of conversations with well-known Sacramentans who have interesting things to say about our city. 

In Sunday night’s installment, Time Tested Books will host Tower Records founder and local music store owner Russ Solomon, who will discuss his long career building Tower Records from its beginnings in his father’s drugstore on Broadway, to its rise as one of the hippest music store chains around (and its unfortunate decline and fall in 2006).  Solomon will also talk about what’s going on at the local music store he founded, R5 Records & Video (located at 16th and Broadway).  Joining Solomon to ask questions will be David Watts Barton, editor-in-chief of the local online newspaper Sacramento Press, and a former music writer at the Sacramento Bee.  The event is free and open to the public.

In future installments, Time Tested Books will host (all scheduled for 7 p.m.):

Ginger Rutland, Sacramento Bee editorial page writer (February 21)

Darrell Corti, local entrepreneur of Corti Brothers (March 21)

David Mogavero, local architect (April 18)

Former Mayors Burnett Miller, Phil Isenberg, Anne Rudin, and Heather Fargo (May 16)

Peter Schrag, author and Sacramento Bee writer (June 20).

For more information, please visit Time Tested Books’ blog, or call them at (916) 447-5696.

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