Sac Country Day School Moving to Neighborhood


First of all, dear Readers, a thousand apologies for delaying so long in posting again.  (You would not believe the housecleaning and laundry jobs I’ve had to do lately… )  In all seriousness, I want this to be a blog that’s updated regularly, and I feel badly whenever I am unable to fulfill that aim.  So I apologize.

The historic Newton Booth School building (at V Street between 26th and 27th Streets).

Now, then:  The big news from last week’s Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association meeting at Temple Coffeehouse on November 18, is that Sacramento Country Day School, a 45-year-old private PK-12 school located in the Sierra Oaks neighborhood, is drawing closer to opening a new high school campus in the historic Newton Booth School building at 2600 V Street–right here in the Newton Booth neighborhood.

Sacramento Country Day School, which enrolls nearly 500 students from preschool to 12th grade, has been looking for a second campus for nearly two decades.  According to Headmaster Stephen Repsher, Country Day School officials learned about the vacancy at the Newton Booth School in early 2008.  Built in the 1920s, the Newton Booth School was closed in the 1970s due to the high cost of retrofitting the building to protect against earthquakes.  After the building was reinforced in 1984, it served as an office building for the environmental consulting firm Jones & Stokes until 2007, when Jones & Stokes moved to a new location downtown.

The ornate (by today's standards) doorway to the Newton Booth Assembly building, near the corner of 27th and V Streets.

If all goes well, Sacramento Country Day School wants to open the new high school campus on August 30, 2010.  The new campus would host about 152 high school students, and initially only occupy the first floor of the Newton Booth School building.  In future decades, Repsher said, Country Day School hopes to add as many as 100-200 additional high school students, possibly opening up the second floor of the building to accommodate them.

The next step will be for Sacramento Country Day School to present its plans to the City of Sacramento Planning Commission in January.  According to Country Day School, Mayor Kevin Johnson and the Councilmember for the neighborhood, Rob Fong, were supportive of the proposal, and the Planning Commission did not indicate any unforeseen obstacles.  Country Day School is also in the process of raising the necessary funds for the new campus.

“We’re just so excited about this opportunity,” Repsher told the NBNA Board meeting on the 18th.  “Everyone at the School is buzzing about it.”  A group of as many as a dozen current Country Day School students attended the meeting, and also expressed their excitement.  NBNA Board President Bud Halliday and newly elected Secretary Alex Zabelin had warm words for Sacramento Country Day School’s future arrival in the neighborhood, indicating it would be a good addition and a fitting tenant for the historic Newton Booth School.

For more information about Sacramento Country Day School, please visit their website, or call (916) 481-8811.

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