NBNA Open Board Meeting to be held Nov. 18


NBNA 11-18-09 meeting flyer

The Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association will be holding an Open Board Meeting on Wednesday, November 18, starting at 6:00 p.m., at Temple Coffee at 2829 S Street.

Items on the agenda include planning for next year’s activities and events, including discussion of “NBNA Story Corps,” the annual 4th of July Block Party, and more.  In addition, representatives of the Sacramento Country Day School will be there–will they be joining our neighborhood, too?  Come and find out!

I’m going to add some personal comments here, in addition to the usual “Upcoming Event” information for this event.  I first attended a Newton Booth Neighborhood Association event back around 2004, not long after I moved to this neighborhood.  I didn’t have time to get involved then, but I recall attending at least one very interesting presentation–on preserving the neighborhood’s historic bungalows.  Finally last year, I decided to get involved again, became an NBNA member, and joined the Board.

In the past year, I’ve gotten to know a few of my neighbors, have started this Blog, and have gotten a little bit better understanding of what people in the neighborhood care about.  But it would be great if our Association could get more people involved; and that’s why I think this upcoming meeting could be a great opportunity for that.

I think it’s important for people who live in a neighborhood to get involved in groups like neighborhood associations.  You can find out what the people down the street from you are thinking about important issues that affect the life of the neighborhood.  You can *get to know* your neighbors.  You can get involved in creating events to help other neighbors come out of their shells, get away from the TV or the computer (yeah, I know I need to do this too!), and get to know each other.  And a neighborhood where people know each other and each other’s concerns, is in my opinion a healthier and more vibrant place to live.

What are the issues *you* care about?  Do you feel like no one’s listening?  Or do you share problems with neighbors over the back fence, and sometimes say to each other, “Yeah, I wish somebody would do something about that”?  Joining a neighborhood association can be that chance to raise your voice–to have a voice–and because it’s an association, it can speak with a stronger voice than one or two people can.

So, if you’re not doing anything on Wednesday the 18th at 6 p.m., please come on out to Temple Coffee and spend some time with us.  We’d love to have you at our meeting…and we hope more of you will want to get involved in making this neighborhood even better!  Thanks.


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