Photos from the Tapestri Square Event


Everyone:  Your blogger has finally gotten the pictures back from the October 18 Neighborhood Event at Tapestri Square.

Unfortunately the photos do not give a better sense of the flow of people who came to the event during the day.  However, they do show a little bit of what they saw.  Please enjoy this brief visual recap of our event.

tapestri event 01

Visitors stop by the table of Whitworth Cycles (2311 S Street), one of a number of neighborhood businesses participating in the event.

tapestri event 02

Another view of the tables at the event in front of Tapestri Square, along T Street.

tapestri event 03

Caterers from Vizcaya (21st and U Streets) display their delicious array of food and scrumptious cupcakes, in the kitchen of one of Tapestri's model homes.

tapestri event 04

NBNA Board member Alex Ives, performing lovely music on harp, while visitors tour an elegant model home.

tapestri event 05

NBNA Board member Ann Hamilton, greeting visitors in the downstairs garage area of one of Tapestri's model homes.

tapestri event 06

NBNA Board President Bud Halliday, at a table with information about Tapestri Square homes.

Many thanks to Tapestri Square for co-hosting this event; and a big thanks to all the local businesses who participated!  We really appreciate all you did to make this event successful.


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