Alhambra Triangle – Land of Intrigue


Okay, so it’s hardly a “land of intrigue” (just making a little joke there), but the geography of the Alhambra Triangle Neighborhood is indeed a little puzzling.  A few weeks ago I posted my first attempt here to describe the neighborhoods covered by the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association.  Here’s a closer look at the map I made of the Alhambra Triangle:

alhambra triangle 01

Alhambra Triangle is everything that’s east of Business Route 80 (that’s the wide band on the left), south of the light rail tracks, and north of Highway 50.

My description of the Alhambra Triangle, however, came as a surprise to one reader.  Patrick Wilson wrote:

“I’m confused how 37th street is the Alhambra Triangle…. a little help? I thought 37th was by the Starbucks on Stockton.”

What he meant is that he was confused by 37th Street being the eastern boundary of Alhambra Triangle.  That’s the way it’s written in the NBNA bylaws; but in actual fact, there’s almost nothing east of Stockton Boulevard, south of the light rail tracks and north of Highway 50, except for the Highway 50 on- and off-ramps:

highway 50 on and off ramps

What may also compound the confusion, is that Stockton Boulevard goes down diagonally from P Street and Alhambra in a southeasterly direction.  Where Stockton meets T Street, a small segment of 37th meets T Street close by; and there is indeed a Starbucks there.  However, it’s south of Highway 50, so it’s not part of Alhambra Triangle.

I joked earlier about Alhambra Triangle being a “land of intrigue”; but I walked around it the other day and found it had quite an interesting variety of things to see.  In addition to a number of nice homes, the neighborhood also includes a California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) equipment yard; a major new housing development along S Street east of Alhambra; Morgan’s, a bar and grill at 34th and S; and of course, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op (the place with the cooking classes…).

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