Welcome to the Neighborhood Blog


Dear Neighbors,

Welcome to the Newton Booth Neighborhood Blog!   My name is Dairl Helmer, and I’m going to be the “host” of this little online gathering.  🙂

The Newton Booth Neighborhood Blog is being created under the leadership of the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association, a group intended to be a voice for the residents of the Newton Booth, Poverty Ridge, and Alhambra Triangle neighborhoods, here in Sacramento, California.  You can find out more about the Newton Booth Neighborhoods Association at: http://www.newtonbooth.org.

On this blog, I’m hoping to share some of the events in our neighborhood, and some of the issues people in the neighborhood care about.  I may be the host, but this blog is for you.  Please post if you have ideas or comments to share!

I’ll be posting more items soon, so please check back in to this site.  Thanks for reading, and in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful neighborhood we call home!

4 Responses to “Welcome to the Neighborhood Blog”

  1. Bud Halliday Says:

    Good job Dairl – This will be a fine addition to the Newton Booth Neighborhood Association. You can cover stories in detail that isn’t easy to fit on the web site.

  2. Olga Mandrussow Says:

    Love the blog! And the photos from the Fourth of July block party are great. Go, Dairl!!!

  3. Olga Mandrussow Says:

    Great to read about the Temple opening and the photos are a plus, as always.

    Good intro to the ‘hood geography, too.

  4. Alex Ives Says:

    Nice article about McClatchy library. This is a great neighborhood resource, and it’s so cool to walk into the library and have someone greet you by name! Where does that happen anymore.

    It’s also really nice to have Temple Coffee and Tea in our neighborhood. I’ve already been there several times, and I’ve mostly been out of town since they opened! Sorry I missed Cathy Apple and George English playing for the grand opening. They are two really good musicians.

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